AUGUST 16: RAVENS Day & Football Parent Mtg.

AUGUST 16: Adrenaline Gold Card Fundraiser Starts

AUGUST 17: Fall Football Starts

AUGUST 20: Football Team Pictures

AUGUST 21: Adrenaline Gold Card Neighborhood Blitz

SEPTEMBER 2: First Varsity Home Game


September 2016

Date, Time, & Place TBD

Real R.A.V.E.N.S. Play F.A.S.T!

Auburn Riverside Gridiron

Auburn Riverside Gridiron

You will find the 2016 Fall Practice Schedule and the required Athletic Packet (Due to the Athletic Director) on the "Coaches Web Site."

R-esponsible:  Be active in school and the community

A-mbassadors:  Be a diplomat/representative US in          school, learning, community 

V-irtuous:  For your actions and how you        control         your destiny

E-ducated:  Be fearless and believe in your      

   convictions. You are Auburn and its FUTURE!!

S-ervice:  Lend a helping hand whenever you can      

     without being asked

F-inish:  Everything you start (games, plays, chores,

    classwork, etc.)

A-ccountable:  Do what you say and say what you

     mean.  Hold teammates to same standard

S-pirited:‚Äč  Proud to be a RAVEN!! We are 1 (we will

     attend sporting events as a team)

T-eam:   Coaches, players, staff, school, community =

     RAVEN Family!!