Auburn Riverside Gridiron

R-esponsible:  Be active in school and the community

A-mbassadors:  Be a diplomat/representative US in          school, learning, community 

V-irtuous:  For your actions and how you        control         your destiny

E-ducated:  Be fearless and believe in your      

   convictions. You are Auburn and its FUTURE!!

S-ervice:  Lend a helping hand whenever you can      

     without being asked

F-inish:  Everything you start (games, plays, chores,

    classwork, etc.)

A-ccountable:  Do what you say and say what you

     mean.  Hold teammates to same standard

S-pirited:‚Äč  Proud to be a RAVEN!! We are 1 (we will

     attend sporting events as a team)

T-eam:   Coaches, players, staff, school, community =

     RAVEN Family!!

Real R.A.V.E.N.S. Play F.A.S.T!



October 11, 2016

7:00 PM in ARHS Teachers Lounge

You will find the 2016 Fall Practice Schedule and the required Athletic Packet (Due to the Athletic Director) on the "Coaches Web Site."


SEPTEMBER 29: Varsity Away Game vs. Todd Beamer

                    @ Fed Way, 7 PM 

OCTOBER 3: JV Home Game vs. Todd Beamer @ 5 PM

OCTOBER 3: Frosh Away Game @ Todd Beamer, 4 PM 

OCTOBER 6: Varsity Away Game vs. Decatur

                    @ Fed Way, 7 PM

OCTOBER 11: Gridiron Meeting, 7 PM

                      ARHS Staff Lounge 

OCTOBER 14: Varsity Home Game vs. Enumclaw, 7 PM

                       **SENIOR NIGHT**

Auburn Riverside Gridiron