Auburn Riverside Football ~ Pride & Tradition

Gridiron Club
AHRS Gridiron Board for 2014
  • Shelly Domenowske, President
  • Jeff Eastby, Vice President
  • Monette Armstrong, Secretary
  • Patty Moffitt, Treasurer
  • Anna Hettinger, Director
  • Marilyn Eastby, Director
  • Katrina Sperry, Director
  • Melodie Turk, Director
  • Kevin Turk, Director

The Auburn Riverside High School Gridiron Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose primary focus is to support the Riverside Football Program through growth and awareness of it's need for a healthy football program and how it equates to a healthy school. The Gridiron Club is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the school, players, students, parents, and the community by supporting a quality football program that is committed to the physical and mental development of young men.

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